Analisis Job Value dan Perancangan Struktur Gaji Baru Pada Perusahaan Pengolahan Semen Instan PT XYZ di Kabupaten Semarang


Compensable factors
Hay method
Salary mapping


PT XYZ is a factory engaged in the instant cement or mortar
industry located in Semarang Regency, Central Java, which has been
established since 2013. The company is managed by a president
director who supervises 36 contract employees. The compensation
system used by PT XYZ is to pay a basic salary of Rp. 11,515/hour
obtained from the UMR of Semarang Regency divided by 200
working hours. The compensation system applies to all positions at
PT XYZ except for director and the factors that affect the amount of
basic salary received depend on the number of hours worked each
month. The amount of the director's salary has its own rules
according to the agreement of the commissioner. Determination of
compensation applied in the company is not ideal because it is only
determined by working hours without considering other factors.
Thus, this study aims to evaluate the compensation system at PT
XYZ based on a salary survey, salary mapping, and Eckenrode
system in order to provide a better description of the compensation
system for PT XYZ in order to assist the company in improving its
performance. This study found ten compensable factors that
matched the work of PT XYZ, which were obtained using the hay
method. The calculation results of the adhered and overlapping
methods are used to classify employee salaries into five grades.